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Mark Cameron is an Artist, who was educated at the Jamaica School of Art, and the school of visual Art, he is known internationally, as an abstract artist, but is also well known for his landscape art, and impressionistic pieces that defines the kind of artist he happens to be. Mark Cameron is also the former owner and operator of the San Diego Based Caribbean grill, and other restaurants for over fifteen years,…his international culinary background includes the fusion of Cajun, Vegan, and Jamaican dishes, that stimulates your palate, as well as your mind, with also an emphasis on healthy, and tasty dining, that landed him cooking spots on FOX NBC, and CBS.   Mark Cameron is also very involved in promoting healthy dining, and did several workshops with the Women’s Resource center in Oceanside California, the NAACP event, Men who cook, and fit 4 life…his love of cooking is reflected in the taste of his well-prepared dishes, and the longevity of his restaurants.


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